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 The 2020 iteration of the Android operating system — known as Android 11 — is the latest stable version. It launched in the summer of 2020 on Google Pixel smartphones and has made its way to flagships from other companies, such as Samsung, OnePlus, and more.

Top 5 Best Features of Android 11 | Spider Mods
Top 5 Best Features of Android 11

For better or worse, Android 11 looks and feels very similar to Android 10. As such, you might not notice many differences when you first boot it up. That’s where this helpful guide comes in! Below, you’ll find over a dozen new features that make this latest version of the operating system the best yet.

Keep in mind that this list doesn’t cover every new feature. There are plenty of smaller updates as well as new features geared more towards developers instead of the general user. What’s listed here are the biggest changes that every user should know about.

Top 5 Features of Android 11:

Android 11 has many features, but here we explained top 5 points and also we mentioned other features in end.

Native screen recording:

Google has been playing around with this feature since the early builds of Android 10. Now, a new Screen Record icon is present in the Quick Settings selections on top of the display. We expect the feature to make it to the final version this time around.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

Secondly, Google is finally rolling out its official implementation of conversation ‘bubbles.’ If you use Facebook Messenger on Android, you might already know what I’m talking about; the feature allows conversations to exist in floating bubbles that you can move around your screen and access from within any app. While developers will have to update their apps code to support the feature, I expect the feature to catch on quickly.

While Android has always had an edge over iOS on notifications, today’s update puts it another step ahead.

Mute notifications while video recording:

Notifications can be irritating at times, especially when you are trying to click cute pictures of your pet. With Android 11, Google is introducing a new camera API called setCameraAudioRestriction(). It will enable developers to allow their apps to mute sounds, vibrations, or both while the camera app is open.

Built-in screen recording:

Until now, recording your screen on Android has been a bit of a hassle, requiring you to use third-party apps that are often buggy. Starting today, you can record content on your device — including audio from your mic, device, or both — without having to install a separate app.

To enable the feature, you may need to first add it to the quick settings menu of your notification shade. On Pixel phones, you can simply open the notifications shade, tap on the pencil icon, and drag and drop the Screen Record button onto your active tiles. Then you can begin recording by tapping the Screen Record button on your phone anytime.

Much better media controls:

Switching audio devices is a bit of a pain on Android, especially now that Bluetooth headphones are increasingly the norm. Sometimes I listen through my phone’s speakers, sometimes I use headphones, others my fancy speakers or TV. Android 11 lets you quickly select your audio output from the notifications shade.

Android 11 also provides more extensive media controls for interacting with your music in the notifications shade. For example, you can now resume a music session right from said menu – no need to open Spotify again after you’ve closed it. Google says you’ll be able to switch between apps in the order they were last played, which is handy for someone like me who constantly switches between music and audiobooks.

Other Features:

  1. Redesigned power button menu
  2. Scoped storage
  3. New tech
  4. Improved Project Mainline in Android 11
  5. One-time permission
A Tweet About Android 11 Power Menu
Other AI-based updates include Smart Replies built into the Pixel’s keyboard (in which Google suggests phrases, not just words), app recommendations on your home screen based on your usage habits, and folder name recommendations for helping you keep files organized. For more on the updates rolling out with Android 11, you can check out Google’s blog post here.

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