What is Ransomware Malware and How to prevent it?

Recently there is a lot of sensation among people about what is ransomware . This is because the world saw the largest cyberattack in the history of Internet on May 12th 2017 . You might be aware that a ransomware named WannaCry and which shook the entire world in a few moments. Its main target was Europe and the countries of the west.

WannaCry took advantage of a vulnerability (flaw) of the Windows OS. With the help of which it engulfed many computers. In a few hours, it had infected about 200,000 machines. Even larger companies such as Renault, NHS were affected by it. So that's why today I think why not give full information to you people about what ransomware is and how it attacks. So why to delay, let us know what is Ransomware and how to avoid it .

What is Ransomware Malware and How to prevent it? - Technoashwath.com
What is Ransomware Malware and How to prevent it? Technoashwath.com

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of sophisticated Malware ( Virus ) that has been created for a specific purpose. If this malware gets loaded into our computer system, then within few seconds it will encrypt or lock all files and documents and will also prevent us from running our system. Even we cannot open our documents or anything important. And if we want to open, then we have to type some password which is the same one that is the same Ransomware maker and in return for which we have to give some money to him.

As such, we keep a lot of people doing our data backup . And if this ransomware is loaded, then all the documents and data will be lost from our control. Which will hurt us a lot. And these types of things always go on, do you know what is going on in your neighborhood? Mainly it comes to our computer or mobile only through Spam links or Email.

Types of Ransomware

If seen in the present moment, these are mainly two types. Which these attackers use to fulfill their purpose.

  1. Encryptors : This is a special type of ransomware that has been created using Advanced Encryption Algorithms. It has been made in such a way that it will completely encrypt your machine in no time. And it is almost impossible to open it without Encryption Key. For whom it asks for money or else all your documents will be wasted forever. For example, CryptoLocker ,  Locky ,  CrytpoWall are the main among them.

  2. Lockers: This type of ransomware is very dangerous, which locks a user from running his own system. They directly lock the operating system of your computer system. So that you cannot access any apps or other programs . Here the files are not Encrypt but to open the computer, the attackers demand money. P olice-themed Ransomware for example .

Even the MBR (Master Boot Record) of the system is also locked in the new version of some Lockers. For your information, let me tell you that MBR is the section Hard Drive which helps the Operating System to start. And if there is no booting then the computer cannot be started. And during this, some message screens flash in which there is mention of giving money, for example Satana  and Petya .
Crypto-ransomware is the most famous of these. A report has shown that most people in the world have been the most affected by this ransomware.

Characteristics of Ransomware:

  • Breaking its encryption is a very happy thing, it means that they use a lot of advanced types of Encryption Algorithm, which is a very smiling thing to open it, by doing this you may also be at risk of losing all your data.
  • It can very cleverly change the names of all your files, so that you will not know at all which data was affected by it.
  • It has the ability to encrypt any type of files such as documents, video, audio and other types of files.
  • It can change the extension of any files.
  • Many times it appears a message or an image in which it is written that you can use your computer only after paying money.
  • These payments are taken as bitcoin so that no one can track them.
  • There is also a time limit of paying Ransom payment, so that between the victims have to pay money, otherwise the payment amount is increased.
  • They use very advanced algorithms.
  • If other computer systems are also connected to infected systems, then their chances of getting infection are increased.

Their vices are not finished in this, their list is increasing day by day.

How Ransomware Works?

Here we will find out how this ransomware works.

  • The first one that is targeted, receives an email in which a malicious link is hidden, and if that user opens the link, then a small program is automatically downloaded.
  • The second way is that if the user is visiting a malicious website and downloads something about which he has no knowledge, then Ransomware can enter your system from there.
  • The downloader from which the user downloaded the program is designed in such a way that it sends a request to a list of Domains or C&C Servers so that an advanced Ransomware program can download.
  • After this the contacted C&C Servers respond and send the requested items.
  • After that, the malware starts its work and encrypts the entire disk such as personal files, some of your sensitive information and more.
  • And in the screen, a pop up shows that your data has been locked and a Decryption Key is needed to open it, which can be found in exchange for money.
  • And in this way, they express their control over your system, and you cannot do anything.

Why ransomware will be forever in your device ?

I believe this ransomware will always be so because it is changing itself day by day and it is being made more powerful. This is a very golden opportunity for those who want to make themselves famous for Cyber ​​Criminal. Moreover, it has become a business model from which a lot of money can be made.

  • Ransomware is working as a service where its creators earn money in exchange for creating such programs.
  • The money transactions are being done in Crypto currency (Bitcoin), so that it is almost impossible to get hold of them.
  • There are some deficiencies in all software programs, so these attackers use those same deficiencies and make such programs so that they can earn a lot of money.
  • This type of attack can be prevented to a great extent if we become a little cautious, but most people do not stop downloading from malicious website or opening any spam email and hence it is probably not possible.

Why Government is not preventing ransomware?

We can't say Government is not preventing , But the way they are following is very slow, Cyber Departments are making awareness among people to prevent this virus attack

We can list out the following reason
  • Government Agency uses very old and outdated software.
  • Most control is with someone who does not know anything about Internet Security.
  • Staffs  are not trained much about Cyber ​​Attacks. And here they easily find loopholes.
  • Most of the cases are ignored or not responded properly 

How ransomware will be injected to your device?

  • Spam Emails, which consists mainly of some attachments, which are opened by downloading these programs.
  • Use of Vulnerable Software which does not have any signature.
  • By visiting such malicious websites in the Internet that are already infected.
  • Advertising Campaigns (Pop Ups, By Showing Nudity Contents)
  • Downloading Software from unauthorized or unsafe sources.
  • Self Propagation This means that if a computer is already infected then if any other system or any network comes in contact with it then it can also be infected.

 How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks

1. In Your Personal Computer

  • Do not keep your important data in PC
  • Keep backup of your data as possible both online and offline
  • Do not always turn Online Backup on by default, only use it when it is turned on. Sync your data once a day.
  • Always keep your software updated, even use the latest Security Updates.
  • Do not use outdated softwares and plugins.
  • Use Ad-Blocker to avoid unwanted Malicious Ads.
  • Use McAfee, Quick Heal Anti Virus , Don't Use Low quality software.

2. Online Behavior

  • Do not open email from any unknown sender.
  • Do not download the Spam Emails attachment.
  • Do not click the links of the Malicious Website.
  • Always use good Antivirus program and update it from time to time.
  • Don't Download anything from unauthorized sources

Conclusion :

I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about what is ransomware and I hope that you guys have understood about this new Cyber ​​Threat. It is always my endeavor that you always be safe and one thing always remember that the best protection of data is Backup. Never forget to backup your data.

I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so that we will have awareness among us and everyone will benefit a lot from it. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you.

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