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What is Web Hosting ?

Before we discuss about top 5 free web hosting with no ads features, first we discuss that What is Web Hosting ? So if we want to create any type of website we have to purchase 2 important things that is Custom Domain and Web Hosting.

So basically Web Hosting is the platform where we host our website and publish that can anyone see our live website. There are too many platforms where we purchase web hosting, but in this topic we discuss about Free Web hosting and there benefits.

Why choose Free Web Hosting ?

If we start our blog or website and earn money through our blog or website the we have to choose domain and paid web hosting, but why we choose Free Web Hosting ?

There are too many peoples who cannot afford paid web hosting first time as he/she is beginners, they can start there website with free Web hosting. And the other benefits is if any person is a beginner and started there website or blog in WordPress but he/she doesn't know anything about WordPress.

So he/she can choose free web hosting and free domain to start Learning about WordPress and after he/she learn about WordPress and there plugins they can start his/her website with paid Web Hosting.

But Beginners can choose Free Web Hosting but what about Free Custom Domain ? Yes, he/she can choose a free custom domain. Because there are some others company or platforms who's provide custom domain free but these domain are not TLD (Top Level Domain).  We discuss this topic later.

What is No Ads Feature in Free Web Hosting

As we discuss that there are many platforms who's provide free web hosting but the main problem is when we create a website or blog using the free web hosting platform we see some dummy ads run in our website that gives viewers bad impression.

Today in this topic we discuss some top 5 free web hosting platforms where we create our website using these platforms there will no dummy ads show in our website or blog. That means it can't give bad expressions like others free web hosting platforms.

Top 5 Free Web Hosting Platforms

In this section we discuss about Top 5 Free Web Hosting Platforms. So we discuss these platforms in one by one and also provide the features of these platforms and free plans. So lets start explore these 5 platforms in one by one.

#Top 1 Free Web Hosting Platform

Hostinger - Hostinger is the top most famous Paid Web Hosting Company. But in this section we discuss only free Web Hosting then why we discuss about it?

That's why, Hostinger company recently launch there free Hosting plan to users. You can visit the the page in here Free Web Hosting in Hostinger. And there is some exclusive features that hostinger company launch with this plan.

All Features of Free Web Hosting in Hostinger

  1. There is only one website host.
  2. They provide only 300mb HDD storage
  3. Limited Bandwidth of total 3Gb
  4. They provide only 1 Database
  5. They provides Cloudflare Protected Nameservers
  6. 1 FTP Account to the users
These are some features which Hostinger provide in there free plan. User can choose this plan or goes to another plans which is paid.

#Top 2 Free Web Hosting Platform

Free Hosting - FreeHosting is the Top web hosting platform which provide free web hosting. There have also some other paid plan in this platform that means users can join as free or paid also. And the top features of the platform that provides 1 free domain when a user register and create his/her website or blog.

All Features of Free Web Hosting in FreeHosting

  1. They provide own domain hosting
  2. 10Gb disk space
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth
  4. 1 Business Email account
  5. 1 MySQL Database
  6. Life time free hosting Features
Here is the special features of this platform. And if a user is beginners in blogging fields then this platform is very best for him.

#Top 3 Free Web Hosting Platform

FreeHostingNoads - FreeHostingNoAds is the free web hosting platforms which provides no ads in website. Its totally free and comes with Free PHP, MySQL, Email, Free Domain Hosting, Control Panel and many more features. This company also provides some other features who's join this platform and create his/her Website.

All Features of Free Web Hosting in FreeHostingNoAds

  1. They provides 1Gb web space
  2. Free FTP and File manager
  3. Fast Servers
  4. 5Gb Bandwidth
  5. Free App installer
  6. Instant Activation
  7. No dummy ads
  8. Also provide free business Email
So these are the main features which they provides their users who join there platform and create a website or blog. There are no paid plan we found this platform that means this platform is totally free from every one.

#Top 4 Free Web Hosting Platform

000webhost - 000Webhost is the free web hosting platform that provides users to free web hosting and domain also. And the company also mention that they haven't provide any dummy ads in our website or blog which we create by 000Webhost. And company also provides some features in free plan.

All features of Free Web Hosting in 000WebHost

  1. We can host only 1 website
  2. They provides 300mb disk space
  3. Limited Bandwidth of total 3Gb
  4. Cloudflare Protected Nameservers
  5. Only 1 MySQL data base
So these are some features which will provides by 000webhost company. And there have also some paid plan also. If you choose paid plan then you will get more benefits otherwise you may goes to free plan.

#Top 5 Free Web Hosting Platform

x10hosting - x10Hosting is the free web hosting platform which provides there users to free cloud hosting services. And if you don't know then we inform you that All the Web hosting is 2 types, one is Shared Hosting and second one is Cloud Hosting. And the cloud hosting is gives more speed as compare to shared hosting.

All Features of Free Web Hosting in x10Hosting

  1. One click to install features
  2. 1 MySQL data base
  3. Free FTP account and File manager
  4. Advance level of Php myAdmin pannel
  5. Free Business Emails
So these are the some features which will company provides the users. And there are no paid plan mention in this platform, that means we enjoy the cloud hosting Services free by joining this platform.

Free Domain

As we discuss all about free hosting and now we discuss about free domain because free domain is also need a beginners. And there is some platform which will provide free Custom domain but these domain are not a top level domain, and these domain are like, .uk etc.

FreeNom and dottk are those platforms which provides free custom domain for 1 years. In YouTube we found most ofvideos about these platforms.

Final Words

As we already discuss about Top 5 Free Web Hosting platforms who provides free web hosting and we already discuss about their free plan and what the features they provides and finally we also discuss about how we get Free Domain also.

But in our Opinion that if you already know about Website or blog and know all about WordPress and their plugins, then we suggest that purchase Paid Domain and Web Hosting.

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