10 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

 Today's flagship smartphones pack cameras that rival even DSLRs. One of the most stunning features of its flagship smartphone camera is its ability to record slow motion videos. Slow motion videos not only look cool, they provide an extra layer of creativity. Slow motion effects can make ordinary videos very enjoyable to watch and provide a completely different viewing experience. So, if you don't have a flagship Android device but still want to enjoy and make slow motion videos, here are some of the best slow motion video and camera apps for Android that can help you do that.

10 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android
10 Best Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

Slow Motion Camera and Video Apps for Android

1. Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is one of the best slow motion video and camera apps for Android. This app not only lets you record videos in slow motion but also allows you to convert existing videos into slow motion videos. This app is quite easy to use. When you launch the app and tap the "Start Slow Motion" button, you'll be asked if you want to record a slow motion video or convert an existing one.

Depending on your choice, the app will then open the camera app to record your video or allow you to search in your video library. After you record or select a video, you can set the speed anywhere from 0 to 1. The closer the value is to zero, the slower your video will be.

If you choose a value above 1, instead of creating a slow-motion video, the app will create a hyperlapse video. The best part about using this app is that the slow-motion videos look really natural and do not feature any frame drops or stutter. If you are looking for an app to create slow motion videos on your Android device, this is the app to do that. The app is free to use with ads, however, there is an in-app purchase option which removes the ads.

2. VLC

If you are looking for a slow motion video player, may I recommend the popular media player, VLC? Among the many things VLC does, slow motion playback is one of its best features and something that has been a part of VLC for a long time. You can play all kinds of media formats and slow down video playback using the convenient slider on your screen. It supports slow motion playback up to 0.25x. And not only that, if you want to play the video in fast motion, you can do that too and it goes up to 4x. You can find the slow motion option under 3-dot menu -> "Playback speed". Overall, I would say, instead of using a dedicated slow motion app, try VLC player as open source,

3. Slow Motion Movie Maker

Slow Motion Movie Maker is our last app on this list which has various features to make your slow motion clips more cinematic. You can select your video and image files and instantly create slow motion videos in 1/2x, 1/3x, 1/4x speed. Surprisingly, the app also allows you to go up to an incredible 1/16x. The app claims that even after conversion to slow-mo video, the clip quality remains pretty much the same. Apart from that, there are several editing tools built into the app like slow motion effects, text editing, filters, something called magic filters to enhance the look of videos and much more.

Apart from that, the app integrates very well with Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, TikTok, etc. And you can share videos without any watermark at all. In short, Slow Motion Movie Maker is a decent app to create slow motion videos for various social media channels and you can give it a try. However, keep in mind, the app occasionally displays full-screen banners and ads.

4. Slow Motion Video Maker

Slow Motion Video Maker, as the name suggests is a dedicated app for creating slow motion videos. And similar to other apps on this list, it offers you slow motion playback at 1/4x and 1/2x speeds. You can record videos directly from the app in slow motion mode or convert videos that are on your smartphone with variable slow motion speed. Apart from that, there is also a Reverse video mode which works pretty well and can create interesting videos for TikTok and Instagram stories. Apart from that, there is also a mini video editor where you can remove audio from the background, trim and trim videos and much more. Having said that, what I like about this app is that it supports a lot of older video formats like FLV and AVI.

5. Videoshop - Editor Video

Videoshop - Video Editor is one of the best video editing apps on Android. It lets you trim videos, add music, adjust colors, create animated titles, record voiceovers, and more. One of the features of the app that we will focus on in this article is the ability to apply slow motion effects to any video. The best part about using Videoshop is that you can select the part of the clip where you want to apply the slow motion effect.

To apply a slow motion effect using Videoshop, tap the "Speed" button. Here, select the part of the video where you want to apply the slow motion effect, then adjust the speed using the slider at the top. Once you are satisfied with your selection, tap the "Done" button in the top right corner. This can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the length of your video to process the effect. Once the processing is complete, you can replay the video and enjoy your slow motion effect. The app is free to download and use with in-app purchases to remove ads and unlock additional features.

6. Slow Motion Frame Video Player

Slow Motion Frame Video Player is a simple video player app that lets you play videos in slow motion. Just like the VLC media player app, it has plus and minus (negative) buttons, tapping on the button will increase and decrease the video playback speed, respectively. However, there is no video playback capability here. Apart from that, this is just a video playback app and doesn't allow you to apply slow motion effects. It only lets you watch videos in slow motion. This is a very simple app for someone who wants to watch content in slow motion.

7.Slow Motion: Speed Video Editor

Speed ​​Video Editor is a relatively new slow-motion video app, but it's definitely clean and easy to use. Do you want to make slow motion videos in one tap? Just select a video from your gallery, choose a slow motion playback speed and tap Export and you're done. And the best part is that the video quality remains very good even after less conversion even in many top video editors. So, if you want the best video quality, use this app. Apart from that, there are some additional video editing features like trimming, fast motion, reverse transition, cropping part of the video and many more. In short, if you want an easy-to-use slow motion video app, then Speed ​​Video Editor is one of the top picks in my opinion.

8. Slow Motion Video Zoom Player

Despite the app's many names, it brings a lot of features to the table. For example, you can play various video files at low speed and can also increase the playback speed. The good part is that with this app, even the audio is synced with slow motion playback giving it the sensation of slowing down time. Furthermore, you can export videos in various resolutions from low to high quality. In addition, this application has support for zooming videos which is unique and great. Not to mention, there's a video to GIF converter, support for Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, rewind and fast playback and more. Considering all the features, all I can say is, if you want a versatile slow motion video app, then this app fits the bill perfectly.

9.Video Speed

Video Speed ​​is my next pick for the best slow motion video app purely for its simplicity. You have a simple and intuitive interface where you can record slow motion videos or convert existing videos into slow motion. And all this can be accessed with just one tap on the home screen. It can reduce video playback as low as 1/4x which is quite good and also increase video playback by up to 4x. All of that is great, but the best part about Video Speed ​​app is that it integrates tightly with social media apps. So you can make slow motion videos and instantly share them with TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, et al. Not to mention, the app supports all kinds of media formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WEBM, and more.

10. Slow Motion Camera

Slow Motion Camera is one of my favorite slow motion video apps on this list for two reasons: its modern and well-designed interface and lots of interesting features. First of all of course you can make slow motion videos either by recording directly or importing videos from the gallery. Moreover, you can reverse and rotate great videos for TikTok and Instagram posts. There's also a post-processing editor that lets you trim, trim, rotate, change audio, apply effects, and more. With the free version, your videos won't have a watermark, unlike many very good video editors. All I can say is if you want the full package including slow motion capabilities in a sleek and intuitive interface then you should choose this app without any hesitation.


The apps I mentioned in this article help you create and enjoy slow motion videos on your Android device. If you are looking for a slow motion video app for Android to record slow motion videos or convert existing videos into slow motion videos, these five apps are your best pick. Also, if you're already using an app that's not on the list, be sure to share it with us by dropping it in the comments section below.

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