How to Buy .co Domain for 149rs?

 Hello Readers, Today in this post I will tutor you to how to buy .co domain for 149rs , Yes you read right.. Only for 149rs you will get .co domain for a year. 

How to Buy .co Domain for 149rs?  - Techno Ashwath

What is Domain Name?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are used in various networking contexts and for application-specific naming and addressing purposes.

Why to Buy a Domain Name?

Having your own domain name, website and email addresses will give you and your business a more professional look. ... Another reason for a business to register a domain name is to protect copyrights and trademarks, build credibility, increase brand awareness, and search engine positioning.

How much does a domain name cost?

The price will typically range between $10 and $20 per year, making the domain name the least expensive piece of your new website. To get started, find a domain name registration company and search for available domains. .com costs 700rs , and .in costs 499rs per year, in some offers you will get .com and .in for 100-200rs . 

What is .co Domain ?

.co is the Internet country code top-level domain assigned to Colombia. It is administered by .CO Internet S.A.S. As of July 10, 2010, there were no registration restrictions on second-level .co domains; any individual or entity in the world can register a .co domain. Its similar to .com domain

How much .co domain costs ?

Now an offer is going on Sparrow host you will get for 149rs and the renewal price of .co is 2399 which is bit high. But If you get successful after busying .co you can renwal it from the earning of domain, If you didn't get success then you lost just 149rs. So Buy Now. Actually I got it for 99rs only but When I was writing this post the offer was over.... :(

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How to Buy .co Domain ? 

Its very easy to buy domain name just follow below instructions

Step 1 . Follow the below link and go to GoDaddy

Step 2 . Now Search your desired name in search Box

Step 3 . Now If the domain is available then click on Continue.

Step 4 . Now in CART it will automatically take for 2 years so Change that to 1 year.

Step 5.  After that Continue to Cart 

Step 6. Now If you want you can take addons other wise unselect all and click on Continue.

Step 7. Now again it will show again some addons and auto selects 2 year period again change it to 1 year.

Step 8. Now you will get the above message now click on Ready to Pay

Step 9. Now you will be asked for creating account and submitting information.

Step 10. After that select your preferred method to complete the payment.

Congrats , Now you will get one confirmation mail click that and do complete confirmation.

That's it.  Remember the renewal cost is ₹2199.


So today in this post I have written about how you can buy .co domain , for other domain also its the same process. So If you face any issues please free to comment your issue below. 

Thank You.

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