PGT+ PRO GFX Tool For BGMI & PUBG Free Download

Do you play BattleGrounds Mobile India and PUBG? With GFX Tool for BGMI, with this too, you can increase the graphics, make it smoother and increase the FPS.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an online multiplayer battle royale game developed and published by Krafton. The game is exclusively for Indian users. The game was released on 2 July 2021 for Android devices.

PGT+ PRO GFX Tool For BGMI & PUBG Free Download
PGT+ PRO GFX Tool For BGMI & PUBG Free Download

What is PGT+ GFX Tool Pro Apk?

Today, players can enjoy many types of games with the highest graphics and resolutions. This is thanks to the innovation of smartphones throughout the years as the demand for higher specs grew. Now, you can enjoy visually appealing games that can rival console and PC games! But the only problem that a lot of people face today is that low-end smartphones can’t possibly keep up with the graphics of new games. In fact, some games even require players to have specific devices!

Gfx tool is a powerful graphics tool for Android, which can do all kinds of operations to graphics resources. It’s a standalone application and also a lite plugin for some popular game editors. gfx tool APK is a great solution if you want to edit resource data in your apps or games. Gfx tools are mostly used by Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Users.

GFX Tool Pro Apk is a premium application that helps you to change the overall Gaming appearance of your mobile device. This GFX tool is easy to use and will be very useful for those who are often using the GFX tools before.

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Features of  PGT+ GFX Tool for BGMI & PUBG

Optimize your gaming experience – We all know that games today can even rival console and PC games in terms of graphics alone. There are now plenty of amazing games with incredible 3D graphics that will wow you. But if you have a low-end smartphone today, your only hope is to download GFX Tool for BGMI to play these games comfortably. With this tool, you can adjust the graphics and other settings to your device so you can play PUBG and BGMI easily!

With this tool, you can select the resolution and graphics that you want to play in. Choosing higher graphics means that your phone will work harder but choosing the lowest graphics will provide a smoother gameplay. Then, you can also select the frame rate that you want to play in depending on the capabilities of your device. You can also adjust the shadows, audio quality and anti-aliasing! Lastly, the tool can also notify you when your device is overheating!

Graphics and resolution – Who doesn’t like to play a mobile game in the highest graphics possible? Unfortunately, this is only possible to high-end devices that have the latest processors and higher RAMs. But for lower-end devices, their best bet is to use GFX Tool for BGMI in order to enjoy the game. Here, you can select graphics templates such as Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR, Ultra HD, and UHD. Selecting the best for you depends on the capabilities of your device today.

Frame rate, shadows and audio quality – GFX Tool for BGMI also allows you to select the frame rate today such as 30, 40, 60 and even 90 FPS! This means you can enjoy a smoother gameplay overall especially when you play at 90 FPS. This should translate well to your gaming especially if you’re playing against others. But if your device can’t handle this, you can freely select one that you can play in.

Overheating notification – This app also has an incredible feature that can notify you when your device is overheating! When your device reaches temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius, the tool will notify you. Playing on these conditions will only damage your phone and your gaming experience!

Boost – The app also allows you to see your memory used, battery level, temperature, storage space, Ram and more. You can also boost these stats to provide more juice when gaming!

More Features

  • Automatically Boosting
  • Export your perfect setting
  • HD graphics Unlocked
  • Fix choppy graphics and game lag
  • Smart widget
  • Easy to use
  • Enable Shadows
  • Boost device memory
  • 60fps enabled on the low-end device.
  • Zero Lag Mode + Battery Efficient:
  • Simple Navigations
  • Easy Layouts
  • Enjoy potato graphics on the latest pubg version.

With the tool you can unlock the following features

  • Low – 20 FPS
  • Medium – 26 FPS
  • High – 30 FPS
  • Ultra – 40 FPS
  • Extreme – 60 FPS
  • 90 FPS
  • 120 FPS

Download BGMI & PUBG  PGT+ GFX Tool Pro Apk

  • Just click on the link provided by us and follow the step-by-step tutorials.

  • Gfx Tool Apk is an awesome tool for android with which you can customize your device. While using this tool, a question might arise in your mind that whether it is safe to use or not? So here I would like to tell you that GFX Tool isn’t a virus and thus it won’t make any damage to your device. But after using GFX Tool, if you find any change in your device’s display then it can be the reason for this tool. Mostly these changes are due to different tweaks provided by GFX Tool and thus you should always use it with caution.
  • No, as long as you follow the proper guidelines, this best Gfx tool for BGMI is also an advanced version. After some modification, it has been changed to an undetectable toolkit for formal review, and this is paid version of the app and not modified so there is no chance of ban unless you violate the rules.

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  1. I liked your site very much and I got a very good experience from there but 90fps is not running in any gfx tool right now But There is a 90fps working gfx tool that I do use and if it is not in your site, then the can add it so that your site can get a good boost. Thanks for taking the time to see this message.