Do Influencers Also Need a Website? Let's Discuss Together

Website Benefits for Influencers

The process of buying a domain that is getting easier provides the opportunity for anyone to have a website. In fact, it is very suitable for influencers. But the question is, is the website important for influencers?

If a website is needed for influencers, how much will it benefit them? Besides that, how do you create a website that is suitable for influencers? For those who are curious to know the answer, read this article to the end.

Overview of the Influencer Profession

To find out how big the role of the website is for influencers, it would be better if we first briefly discussed the profession.

An influencer has the expertise to influence others. This is because they have the capacity in the form of position, knowledge, and have a close relationship with the audience.

In the realm of marketing or marketing, they are very helpful for business people. Because an influencer can influence the buying decisions of the targeted audience.

The number of followers and the extent to which they can influence the audience are benchmarks for their quality. The more followers they have and the better they influence their audience, the more they are needed in the business world.

Does An Influencer Need A Website?

How to buy a domain and hosting that is getting easier will help influencers to have a website. But do they really need it?

So far, social media is considered sufficient by influencers to work and attract followers. Some people think that the website is no longer needed because social media alone is enough.

If you are an influencer, it would be nice if you create a website. Why is that? Because social media does not guarantee the continuity of the content you have.

We take one example of the case of an influencer named Lutfi Agizal. This influencer was excited because he reported the case of pronouncing the word “anjay” to the police.

Lutfi then received criticism, so netizens flocked to report his Instagram account. As a result, Lutfi's Instagram account was successfully blocked and disappeared. Apart from Lutfi, several other influencers also experienced the same thing.

In addition to Instagram, cases of loss of social media accounts also occur in several other social media. Starting from TikTok, Twitter, to Facebook. The reasons are quite diverse.
Reflecting on Lutfi's case, we can conclude that websites are important for influencers. Websites can be used to backup influencer content. For example, content on social media, whether it's writing, videos, and photos, can all be included on the website.

That way, when the influencer's social media disappears, the backup content that has been created will not be lost too. Because all the content has been backed up on the website.

Benefits of Websites for Influencers

Apart from functioning as a backup, the website also has other benefits for influencers. What are the benefits? Here we have summarized all for you.

1. Safe from the Threats of Haters

Influencers have entered the realm of businesses that need to get an extra security system for their content. An influencer who wants to play it safe in running his business, then you should create a personal website.

Social media is vulnerable to account blocking resulting in it being lost. That's why we need a special platform that is resistant to it.

With a website, an influencer will have better authority to share their ideas and creativity.

2. Increase Exclusivity in the Eyes of Fans

Until now, companies, institutions, and individuals who have websites are always considered credible and professional. That means, by having it, your exclusivity will increase in the eyes of fans.

You can also use the website as a forum for fans. In addition, the website can also maintain the bond between influencers and loyal fans.

When the social media account is lost, the website can be a medium to maintain relationships with fans.

Currently, several well-known influencers also have personal websites. Call it a few of them such as Ahmad Dhani, Ramengvrl, Deddy Corbuzier, and many others.

3. More Stable Than Social Media

As we explained earlier, influencers are also one of the business fields. You need to know, websites offer stability for your business compared to social media.

An example of a case of social media instability is in terms of popularity. When Tik Tok starts to get crowded, Instagram has started to be abandoned a lot. Because they follow the Tik Tok trend in order to be able to get more followers.

While the website from the past until now offers constant stability. You can use a website as a foundation when social media trends are sometimes difficult to predict.

Types of Websites Suitable for Influencers

From the explanation above, at least we agree regarding influencers who also need a website. Even in certain cases, they are obliged to have a website.

However, what kind of website is suitable for influencers? And what are the criteria? Here's the review.

1. Blog Concept

Blogs are one of the best concepts as personal websites for influencers. This blog is perfect for influencers who like to write.

In addition, this concept is also suitable for displaying images or screenshots of your social media.

In addition to writing, you can also upload short videos on social media which you then upload on your blog. That way, this concept becomes one of the right choices for you at a relatively low cost.

2. Full Website

What we mean by full website is a website that has a static page and a blog on a separate page. For example, a website owned by Ahmad Dhani has a similar concept.

Make the main page a static page for business purposes. On this main page you can usually complete with copywriting, design, and other interesting things related to your business.

For blog pages, you create on another page menu. This kind of concept will make the website look more professional. Especially now that it's easier to buy a domain and hosting to create a web like this.

3. Has Unlimited Disk Space Features

An influencer with a large number of followers should have a good hosting service. Also make sure you choose a service with unlimited or large disk space.

The purpose of choosing a large disk space is to overcome the server down when accessed by many visitors. Make sure the website has a hosting service with good specifications for a minimum daily visitor of about tens of thousands of traffic.

Currently there are many offerings of buying domain and hosting services that offer competitive prices for these specifications.


An influencer must have a website to ensure the content does not disappear from cyberspace. Apart from being a medium for content backup, it is also good for increasing business credibility and professionalism.

Currently there are services that offer buying domains and hosting that provide an easy website creation process. That way, influencers can now own it at a competitive cost.

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