How to Make Windows 10 Look More Attractive

Having the attractive appearance of the Windows 10 operating system on the laptop screen will certainly provide its own satisfaction. An attractive laptop screen or computer monitor will certainly prevent boredom for those of you who work on a computer every day.

To beautify the appearance of Windows 10 on a laptop, it can actually be done with simple tips. You don't need to use a special display change application that will actually make the laptop work harder.

All you need to do to make Windows 10 look more attractive and not boring is to change its display settings. Windows 10 already provides display settings that you can adjust as you wish to make it cooler. You can change the appearance to be even cooler by changing the parts that are often seen, such as colors, wallpaper, taskbar, and others.

1. Change Display To Dark Mode

The first tip to change the appearance of Windows 10 and make it more attractive is to activate the dark mode feature. By activating this feature, the appearance of Windows 10 on your laptop will be completely dark.

This all-dark theme will of course make your Windows 10 screen look more elegant. In addition, the appearance of a dark theme will also maintain eye health because the screen is not glared when used.

To change the color theme of Windows 10 to dark mode, you simply open Settings , then click Personalization . On the settings page, please click Colors and change the Choose your color section to Dark .

2. Enable Transparent Effect

So that your Windows 10 display looks cool when opening applications, then make sure to activate the transparent effect. This effect will make the taskbar display and open applications not boring.

To activate this transparent effect, you also have to do it still in the color settings section. So, still on the Colors page, please change the Transparency effects section to On .

3. Install Liked Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the important factors that affect the beauty of a laptop display. The attractive appearance of the Windows 10 wallpaper will instantly make the laptop look cool from the moment it is first turned on.

You can change the Windows 10 wallpaper in several ways. You can right-click on your favorite image, then click Set as desktop background . Alternatively, you can also change it via Settings > Personalization > Background .

4. Create a Minimalist Start Menu Display

You shouldn't miss the Start Menu for modification because it will always be visible when you want to search or open an application. To make it look more elegant, then you need to make the start menu more minimalist.

You can start by eliminating all application icons in the start menu, so when you want to open an application, just look for it in the complete application list. To remove these icons, please right-click on each icon and then click Unpin . If all the icons have been removed, then slide the edge of the start menu window in and down until it is stuck to make it narrower.

Since you have removed all application icons, a complete list of applications needs to be displayed. Please go to Settings > Personalization > Start , and make sure the Show app list in Start menu section is On .

In addition, you can also display a list of applications that are used most often to make it easier to access them when needed. To display the list, please change the Show the most used apps section to On 

5. Use Small and Unwritten Taskbar Icons

One of the components of Windows 10 that is always visible is the taskbar, so you also need to make it more attractive. You can make the taskbar look minimalist by using small icons that don't have text or labels.

Please open Settings > Personalization > Taskbar , then change the Use small taskbar buttons section to On so that all icons are small. To remove all text or icon labels, please change the Combine taskbar buttons section to Always hide labels .
You can also change the location of the taskbar so that it is on top if you feel bored with the layout so far. Please change the Taskbar location on screen to Top .

6. Tidy Up Icons on Desktop

If you put a lot of icons on the desktop, then you should tidy up the order of the icons. Or, you can also hide all the application icons and only open the application via the start menu. To hide all icons, simply right-click on the desktop, then click View > Show desktop icons to uncheck them.

Actually, there is still a lot that can be tweaked to make your Windows 10 look more attractive. However, by doing the simple tips above, your Windows 10 display will become more attractive and not boring anymore.

What If Personalization Settings Can't Be Changed?

Often users want to change the appearance of Windows 10 but when they open Personalization, all the settings in it cannot be changed. This problem occurs very often and the cause is because Windows 10 is not yet active.

So, in order to change the appearance of Windows 10 with the tips above, you also need to activate Windows 10 first. If Windows 10 is active, then all features will be unlocked, including to change the appearance.


Beautifying the appearance of Windows 10 is an important step so that your laptop or computer is not boring. There are many ways that can be done to make Windows 10 more attractive, including changing the display settings that are already available.

So, you don't always have to install a special display changer application which will usually increase the workload of the system and make the laptop slow. Even if you can't change personalization in Windows 10 because it hasn't been activated, then please activate your Windows 10 first.

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