What is Wi-Fi Calling? How to Enable it on your Android Phone?

Just imagine how your call performance will be if you are in a low network area? It’s not so good. To get a latency-free phone connection we must need to have a high strong network on our phones. But let me clear to you that you can still make the clear HD Voice call on the weak mobile network. It’s Wi-Fi Calling, here are the benefits and all about these small but amazing features to keep on connecting in phone still even in low network.

What is Wi-Fi Calling? How to Enable it on your Android Phone?

Wi-Fi Calling for Improving your Phone Call Quality

Wi-Fi Calling is also known as Voice over Wi-Fi. In short, we can mark it as VO-Fi. It is one of the calling features made to improve the phone calling to keep on connecting you even on the low network. Just think, if you are in a shade or building area then you may not get good network strength. In this case, you can take the merits of these features.

Vo-Fi enables the mobile operator to connect their connection to the Connected Wi-Fi in your phone so the call can’t get disconnected. Also, it helps to maintain the phone call stable. Here you need to note that enabling these features doesn’t mean that there’s no need for the network to make a phone call.

Here, you must need the SIM Card. In short, this features only acts as the Call Improver. Yes, it helps to improve the phone call quality and helps to provide clear and latency-free calling when you are in Low network areas like buildings or Park.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling helps your phone call to make stable and also makes your connection state to the next level. Enabling these features will be helpful for those who don’t want to lose out on the running call due to low network and unclear calls.

No App Required: Enabling Wi-Fi calling doesn’t need any apps to be installed on your phone. Just make sure your phone and Telecom operator support these features.

No Cost and Charges: Enabling and using these features doesn’t ask you to pay the fees. It’s a free feature of services provided by the collaboration of the Mobile company and Telecom Operator. So, just enable Wi-Fi calling and enjoy it.

Easy to Make Calls in More Areas: Now, you can restrict the limitations of making phone calls only in-network reached areas. It’s possible to connect with any users living in low network areas too.

HD Call with Latency Free: Vo-Fi calling enables HD Voice calling. HD Voice calling is latency-free without any noise like normal phone calling. Also, Vo-Fi calling is faster than normal phone calling.

How to Check Device Compatibility for Wi-Fi Calling?

To enable the Wi-Fi calling features on your Android or iPhone you just need to check the features of the phone first. Here you need to make sure that your phone supports these features. 

 Here’s how you can check whether Wi-Fi calling is on your phone or not,

  • Check from the Mobile Phones connectivity options
  • Check from the Online sites, and read out the specifications of it.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling on Android

Android users can enable Wi-Fi calling easily. If your device supports Wi-Fi calling then you have to make sure that the Telecom operator whose service you are using also supports it. If both are okay then you can do this,

  • Go to the Settings on your Android phone and move towards the SIM Card or Network depending upon your phone.
  • Move towards the Connections and then find Wi-Fi Calling option there. Here it will ask you to select the SIM Card if you have 2 SIM Used in your phone.
  • Just select the SIM Which you prefer. 
  • That’s sit.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone

The iOS Running on iOS 12 and Above all features Wi-Fi calling. With your Android phone here you need to make sure the SIM Operator must support these features. If you are from India then there’s no doubt. But still, in many countries, we can’t get these features.

  • Open the Settings App on your iPhone.
  • From Settings move towards the Wi-Fi Calling options.
  • Toggle to the right to enable it.
  • That’s sit.

How to Use Wi-Fi Calling

After applying the settings on your phone you are almost done. If you are done with the above steps then you can start enjoying the HD Phone call. So, here you need to make sure that you are connected to the Internet to get these features.

The Wi-Fi calling process is now the same as normal phone calling. In short, Wi-Fi calling is phone calling with an active Wi-Fi connection. 

  • Just open your Phone Dailer and choose the number.
  • Start calling by choosing the prefered SIM where you enabled these features.
  • Here you can see the small Wi-Fi symbol in the calling area.
  • That’s Wi-Fi Calling, enjoy latency-free HD Phone calling.


Does Wi-Fi call drain our phone battery fast?

It’s just minor features, here we don’t need to install any apps and other services. So, it doesn’t consume your phone’s battery. It’s normal like a phone call.

Does the Call Receiver also need to have Wi-Fi calling enabled on their phone?

It’s better if both have enabled Wi-Fi calling. But it’s not mandatory to enable Wi-Fi calling and active internet connection on the receiver side too. If there’s a good network on the side of the receiver then you can have no problem there. In short, it makes the phone calling better for your side, not for the receiver.

What device supports these Features?

The majority of mid-range phones feature Wi-Fi calling. If it’s low-budget phones then you can’t. Also, be sure, that your network operator must need support for this.

What is 4G Calling

4G Calling is the call over the 4G Network. It’s also known as VoLTE Calling. Like Wi-Fi calling here too, you can enjoy HD Phone calls.


Hope you have understood how you can enable and enjoy HD Voice calling using Wifi, Note that you cannot receive any service (Text Messages) in Airtel using this network. Only Jio will support receiving text messages in VoWifi.

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