CAA Online Registration: Here is the link, procedure to apply online for Indian citizenship..

 The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which had been stalled for the last 4 years due to political opposition despite being approved in the Parliament, has been implemented just before the Lok Sabha elections. Union Home Ministry has issued a notification in this regard on Monday. Minority Hindus of 3 countries will get Indian citizenship with the implementation of CAA.

The CAA Bill was passed in Parliament in 2019 itself. Violence broke out after President Ankita fell. Because of this, the central government did not issue a notification. Finally got time to notify the rules 8 times and finally released the notification yesterday. According to this, who should apply, how to apply, where to apply is mentioned here.

Who will get citizenship with the implementation of CAA?

Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians, who are minorities in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and migrated to India before December 31, 2014, are allowed in the act. Non-Muslim immigrants who have come here after being persecuted in a neighboring country on the basis of religion are eligible for citizenship. The Act also includes a proposal for registration of overseas citizens. The Act also provides for cancellation of the registration of an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) holder if he violates existing laws.

According to CAA, what documents are required to get Indian citizenship?

Indian citizenship can be obtained by providing travel details even if there are no proper documents. Year of arrival in India, travel document must be provided compulsorily. Apart from this no other document is required. The entire process including application acceptance and verification will be done online. Since there is no role of state governments online, there is no occasion for them to oppose the implementation of the Act. Also, according to the constitution, the state governments do not have the power to oppose things like citizenship that come under the central government. Applicants must prove the year of arrival in India through travel documents. No other documents are required.

How to get citizenship?

According to the Citizenship Amendment Act, the process of applying for citizenship of India is completely online and a portal has been created for that purpose.

Why are Muslims excluded from the CAA Act?

This question comes naturally. The answer given by the central government is that Muslims are not a minority in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. As Islam is the dominant and official religion there, there is no religious persecution against them. So Muslims are not included in CAA.

How to apply for Indian citizenship?

According to the Citizenship Amendment Act, CAA 2019, one should visit the Indian Citizenship Online Portal to get Indian citizenship.

- Visit Indian Citizenship Online Portal Address
- Scroll down on the open webpage.
- Note the information given under 'Online Service - Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)' main menu.
- There you click on 'Click to Submit Application for Indian Citizenship Under CAA 2019'.
- Then another webpage will open.
- Give e-mail address / mobile number. Then enter the captcha code given there.
- Click on Continue. Both will receive an OTP. Give this.
- You will login to a new page. You can apply for Indian citizenship by giving the information asked here.

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